1Do you paint the schools with beautiful drawings?
Yes, we draw beautiful pictures, cartoon characters, and other interesting suff for kids and make the walls of the school so beautiful that all the kids like them and it leave a good impression on the parents.
2What kind of colors that you use for the furniture?
We keep in mind about the good health of the kids. So, we always use quality paints of best brands and their colors are health friendly and also long lasting.
3Can we order you from any area of Paistan?
Yes, we work all across the Pakistan. It dosen't matter how far you are. Feel free to order us, we will be right there to serve you.
4Some names of the schools that you have worked for?
We have worked for all renowned schools and kindergartens like The City School, The Smart School, Read Foundation School, Iqra School, and many other schools.
5What is the time required for the making of any furniture?
It depends upon the quantity and the style that you are ordering for. Generally we make and deliver all of our products in time.
6Do you work on order?
Yes, definitely we also work and produce products on order. For this we discuss and see the sample of the customer and then work accordingly.

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